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Violator Kush


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About Violator Kush

The Violator Kush strain is known for high THC and CBD levels so it provides good relief for pain and a nice couch lock feel. It%u2019s a mostly indica cross of Hindu Kush and Malana. Also good for insomnia.

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Reviewed by: (49 reviews, Karma: 117) on April 26, 2013

Disclaimer: Review is based on the personal opinion of IE420Patient. Batches of the same strain can produce different results due to many factors thus, as with any "review" use as a guide, not as pure fact.

Strain Name: Violator Kush

Date Acquired: March 3, 2013

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Deep green mini-tree like marijuana nuggets with orange/red/rust "hair." Areas of deep spotting like an undercoat and heavily triched looking as if marijuana nuggets are covered in morning dew.

Smell: Sweet candy like earthy funk with slights hints of lemon/mint tea.

Taste: Similar to smell with light hints of funk and "spearmint" in a bong. My bubbler brought out some hint of "lemon" as well.

Buzz Type: Relaxation, Creativity

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)


* I've had Violator Kush wax almost a year ago, but this is the first I've come across the flowers and this cut is from Barney's Farm.

Immediately after completing a bowl I felt nice pressure around the head. If wired, I would fall into a nice relaxing "slump." This strain hits me immediately right behind the eyes as they dropped a bit low, but I also felt wide awake. A nice bit of body tingle creeps up about 15 minutes after completion of a good bowl. Nice stress reliever as well as muscle relaxation. My shoulder pain was handled very well. Hour after a bowl I did a get a bit of dry eyes and dry mouth. I did felt drunk like on a few sessions and the strain can be a little euphoric.

Bowls produced nice thick smoke exhales. Overall taste was better in my bubbler vs. bong. My bubbler produced a less "funky" and more "flavorful" taste. I detected a very distinctive "Haze" flavor on many hits. Due to smokey exhales, I had to really make sure my neighbors were not around. I had to break out my Smoke Buddy on a few occasions due to lots of lingering smoke on the exhale. Hearing my neighbors in back I day in my backyard, I thought I was caught (I might have been...).

Creative thoughts occupied my mind while medicated with this batch of Violator Kush. Although I could go out on the town with this strain, I was more apt to sit in my recliner, relax and take in a few hours of TV with the occasional doze off. Violator Kush is gaming, watching videos, and/or surfing the 'net kind of smoke. It's was very balanced when I was up and active. But, when using when tired/before bed I found myself losing a couple of hours being a state of couch lock; especially if at my computer. Had a sore neck a couple of times! The "come down" definitely made me ultra relaxed and sleepy.

Violator Kush was a solid strain at which I was able to medicate with day (or night) with excellent medicinal results!

Cheers (& Cough),


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