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Thread: Organic Teas (AACT) Brew your own nutrients for PENNIES, Stop The Synthetic Garbage

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    Organic Teas (AACT) Brew your own nutrients for PENNIES, Stop The Synthetic Garbage

    Aerated Compost Teas are getting more and more popular. People forget that you don't need to purchase a thousand dollars of nutrients just to grow a WEED! I spent less than $50 and have all the organic nutrients i'll need for the next couple of grows.

    Here are some very basic recipes that will make your soil full of microlife.

    Remember, read every label you use or you will probably end up using a product with some kind of preservative like salt or other harsh chemicals that will effect the end result.

    Seedling Brew (less than 4 weeks old):
    5 tsp. Black Strap Molasses
    1 cup Earth Worm Castings
    5 tsp. Kelp Meal
    5 Gallons of Water

    Feed every 3rd watering with no dilution needed.

    Vegetative Brew:
    1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano ( Use sparingly, Burns Plants Easily!)
    1/3 cup Mexican Bat Guano
    1/3 cup Earth Worm Castings
    1/2 cup alfalfa meal
    5 tsp. Black Strap Molasses
    5 tsp. Kelp Meal
    Optional: 2-5 TBS Fish Emulsion (depending on how strong you want it)

    Feed every 3rd watering at 2 cups per 5 gallons water

    Flowering Brew:
    2/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano
    1 cup Earth Worm Castings
    2/3 cup Indonesian Bat Guano (High P)
    1/2 cup alfalfa meal
    5 tsp. Black Strap Molasses
    5 tsp. Kelp Meal

    Feed Every 3rd watering 3 cups per 5 gallons water.

    Don't get caught up with the molasses guzzlers. Less is more. Some people call for 10x the amount of molassas as this recipe. Remember, this is just a guide, you can add/subtract anything you want but make sure to replace it with something similar. There are many many recipes out there, try what is best for your plants.

    EWC = Amazing for your soil.
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    Looks like some good recipes. My grandma uses aerated compost teas on her veggie garden. I'll have to ask her some questions

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    These Recipes helped out my garden last year grow around 20-40% larger. Smell and taste were danker. Totally the organic teas, thanks hashmasta!

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    Green thumbs up, shit works!

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    I've been using something similar for years. Thumbs up from me. Great guide! The starting materials are really cheap and easy.

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    Organic Teas are the only way to go

    I am not sure if i would brew enough for more than one grow at a time because of time factors and nitrobactors, and the build up of NonOrganic release chemicals , keep sealed tight and keep air out of the tea until right b4 watering...thats been my secret keep it OrGaNiC...

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    Never tried it before but sounds good to me.

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    Thumbs up from me. Great guide!!!!!

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