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Thread: Friend took it too far... Punched in the face

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    Friend took it too far... Punched in the face

    So when you have a decent size group of friends there's always that one. That slimy, slithery, little coonmillion.

    I remember accidentally leaving my Red Digital Scale at my friends house where we all usually meet and smoke. One kid, who earned his name was called CoonMillion. I had recently won this scale from the coon after a fair craps game. This is where things went wrong.

    So I smoke out my friends, coon included, and take off after a few hours. I never enjoyed the feeling of having herb/pipe/scale on me so I left it at my friends pad for a few days. About a week goes by and I want my scale back. My friends look for hours through everything in their house because they thought their mother had hid it somewhere out of sight.

    A few days ago I had remembered coonmillion had sent me a picture of a reflection from some red fadded top to something with his coon head silluet in the backround. I had put 2 n 2 together. That fucker stole my shit and sent me a pic to prove it! So a day or two passes and I go back to their house to chill. This time I'm chillin with the whole family (group of layed back white peeps) and smokin bowls and the dad is pacing back and forth in the backyard. Now he's known to be a bit crazy, he did a lot of drugs growing up but this wasn't right. I go out there and he starts talking about people disrespecting his property and someone had stolen something from him. I talk to my friends and figure out whats up...

    The dad was PISSED that Million stole something from HIS house. He didn't care that it was mine, it was the respect part... So the next day I come over and my friends are telling me what I missed. Apparently Million came over and the dad went berserk on him. He kept punching him in the face until both friends jumped on the dad. He left and the next day had makeup all over his black eye.

    I think the funniest part about all of this is I didn't complain to anyone about the missing scale, I wasn't a dealer I just enjoyed making sure I was getting point for point. To this day I can't help but laugh when I remember that fool. Unfortunately I lost ties after he turned his back on me, but who needs rats anyways?

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    lol "what goes around comes around"

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    I bet that douchebag deserved it. Sounds like a rat boy to me.

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    Karma is universal man. That's all I have to say on this here.....

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    Read the whole story in one breath. Cool.

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    I agree that every gathering has one of a person like a coon. I also had a story like this when I was in my college and you know college days are the luckiest days of studentís life. But when coon type person joins your gathering than things go wrong. Well, now I am a professional research analyst and students buy dissertation online from me and I am very happy to help them.

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