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Thread: Water Pipes

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    Water Pipes

    Hey, I came across this amazing site and wanted to share it with my fellow Water Pipes enthusiasts.

    Smoke Concepts


    And get this, they offer free lifetime replacement!!!

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    That's a very nice site, I want to say that this pipes are great and It is to be very helpful in the garden. I think it is the best pipe, So definitely I will buy it and recommend it to my all friends.
    nutrients hydroponics for growing plants

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    Question how to clean acrylics?

    Does anybody have good advice for cleaning acrylics that doesn't involve either hot water + salt or formula 420? I also know alcohol will just ruin it. The bong was originally bright purple but now its a dull brownish-purple with a constant resin smell, even when it is drawing fine. Thanks for the input!

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