So I have been posting on here for a few weeks now but just wanted to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Mr Black. I am a Mod here on the THCFinder Forums so I just wanted to say if anyone has any questions or problems feel free to message me. I try to check the forums at least 3-5 times a day. So I will try to respond to any messages as quickly as possible.

A little about me:
I worked in the Movie industry for 7+ years. (I know a lot of movie quotes)
I worked in the Video Game industry for 3+ Years.
I am a reporter for a few websites covering (Movies, Games, Comics, and other celebrity news)
I am the biggest Simpson fan.
I try and keep up with most of the current TV shows.
I have been watching wrestling for 25+ years and have never missed an episode of Raw, Smackdown or TNA Impact.

If anyone wants to chat or has any suggestions for the site please let me know.
I am working on getting a General Discussion area added to the Forums so we can talk about TV shows, Sports, Movies, Video Games etc. etc. so hopefully that will be up soon.

Well I'm off to get some rest now.
Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.