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Thread: Vaporize Cannabis, the healthier way to smoke!

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    Vaporize Cannabis, the healthier way to smoke!

    Smoking is the definitive delivery method for inhaling cannabis and has begun to stagnate real research efforts, simple because no doctor can endorse smoking. Vaporization has emerged as a safer, viable delivery method for inhaling the active compounds from cannabis. But don’t take our word for it.One of the studies conducted by the University of California, San Francisco under the umbrella of the CMCR pitted smoking versus vaporizing as a delivery method. The study, entitled “Vaporization as a Smokeless Cannabis Delivery System: A Pilot Study” used medical cannabis supplied by NIDA-grown weed at the University of Mississippi and the Volcano Classic vaporizer. The study illustrated that not only is vaporization equally as effective at delivering the same beneficial compounds of cannabis, the same compounds stay in the system for a greater duration than from smoking. Meaning, you get the best of the medicinal effects longer.Smoking has been reviled as a cannabis delivery method because of the harmful by products of combustion. When asked point blank, Dr. Atkinson, Co-Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Research (and coordinator of a decade long series of studies on the effects of cannabis) could not openly endorse the medical benefits of cannabis strictly based on smoking as the delivery method. Combusting cannabis produces carcinogens, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), tar, and other compounds that lose ground among medicinal research experts quickly.Cannabis research hinges on the quantifiability of the delivery into the system. Initial response favored smoking for rapidity of delivery, but only by a matter of minutes. Blood saturation levels were taken at regular intervals among control groups for THC after smoking/vaporizing equal amounts of cannabis of varying concentrations (1.7%, 2.4% 6.8% – VERIFY). Vaporized cannabinoids, once absorbed into the bloodstream through inhalation, do not degrade as quickly as combusted cannabinoids. The difference is a more rapid onset with a quicker deterioration (and often more side effects) versus an only slightly more gradual onset with longer lasting effects.This is largely based on the fact that volatilization (vaporization) of the glandular trichomes (the resinous oils that contain cannabinoids – the active agents in cannabis) produces a purer derivative in the vapor than the smoke from combustion. Smoking via combustion denatures the herbal content, and over half the compounds are destroyed when ignited. As an added bonus, because the vaporized cannabis is not denatured, it continues to volatilize/vaporize cannabinoids at varying temperatures to produce up to 4 times more vapor than smoking the same amount (your bud lasts longer).
    Vaporize Cannabis For Longer, Cleaner Highs

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    vaping as medical alternative to smoking

    With a father who smoked his whole life, when my pain management physician suggested I try cannabis to deal with my breakthrough pain, I balked a little. I didn't want to smoke, even after seeing a documentary claiming there have been no accounts of cancer for even heavy cannabis smokers who smoke only cannabis. Vaping has been a wonderful alternative, and a time saver. 5 minutes on a vape machine and I can have a pain free night's sleep, vs. the time it would take to smoke a joint. Vaping leaves very little odor in the house, doesn't cling to your clothing the way smoke does, and the other problems associated with smoking are mitigated (the coughing, tar in the lungs, etc.). There are many youtube videos that walk you through the use of specific systems, like the Arizer Tower, a relatively inexpensive machine, but easy to use and reliable for home, and if you need a device that's more portable and discrete, there are handheld options that fit in a purse or briefcase. The medicating effects feel almost instant, so there's no waiting for pain relief, and with a good strain, the effects last fairly long.

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