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Thread: Requirements to start a weed delivery - Los Angeles

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    Requirements to start a weed delivery - Los Angeles

    Starting a delivery business in medical cannabis industry: If the city or county in your area has a ban on "marijuana dispensaries" but there is a large cannabis patient community in your area that needs services of a cannabis collective, then you start a cannabis delivery non-profit collective and get full attention from people who already are in already business and get full attention to your personal needs, read below...

    Objective #1: Explain California Attorney General Guidelines to start a and delivery business.
    Objective #2: Create step-by-step marijuana business plan to start your marijuana business.
    Objective #3: File all necessary marijuana business paperwork at the time of the counseling.
    Consultation will cover:

    • Marijuana business licenses.
    • Marijuana business permits and other marijuana business paper work needed.
    • Finding a location, where will you have most success to open up.
    • What to write and what not to write on business application and where to go.
    • Unincorporated Non-profit & Mutual Benefit Corporation options.
    • We'll answer the question "How will I make money if it's a non-profit?"
    • How to facilitate transactions.
    • Bookkeeping and paying taxes.
    • General Liability Insurance to cover your business and crop.
    • Marijuana Merchant accounts so you can accept credit cards.
    • Pros and Cons of retail, delivery and grow operations.
    • Advertising strategies.
    • How much money is needed to start?

    You will also get (all forms are necessary to run your business included in the consultation):

    • Marijuana Delivery Collective form (you need this to get in business).
    • Marijuana Collective "Membership Agreement".
    • "Authorization to Transport" medical marijuana.
    • "Authorization to Cultivate" medical marijuana.

    We will cover all the legal requirements and paper work need to start a marijuana business in California. We will cover how to operate your marijuana business legally and safely so that you do not run the risk of breaking the law. We'll give you all the paper work needed to start your business in the 1-On-1 consulting session for you to take with you, as well as all of our contact information. You can always call back if you need further assistance, we'll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE! At the end of the consultation you'll walk away with a medical marijuana delivery business GUARANTEED!!! CONTACT 420 COLLEGE TODAY!!!
    Washington marijuana school is helping people start a marijuana club or store in Washington. Learn how to start and operate a dispensary in Washington.

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    How to Cite a Poem

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