Dr Colleen O'Connell (Referrals only)Specialist

(506) 447-4294

(506) 452-5681

Stan Cassidy Rehab Centre,

Fredericton, NB

She specializes in spinal cord, head and neurological injuries.

Dr Paul Smith

640 Prospect

Fredericton, NB

E3B 9M7

(506) 455-2900

(506) 784-6300

Dr Douglas D Smith(Referrals only)Specialist

139 Brunswick Street

Fredericton, NB

E3B 1G7

(506) 450-3321

Pain Specialist

Physical Medicine

Dr. David Bell M.D

500 East Riverside Dr

Perth-Andover NB,

E7H 1Z1

Phone #: 506-273-3558


Fax #: 506-273-9560

Dr Michael P Perley

1 Maliseet Drive

Woodstock First Nation, NB

E7M 4J5

Phone #: 506-328-8813

Fax #: 506-328-9387

Dr Gary Baker

New Maryland walk-in clinic After Hours Medical Clinic

636 New Maryland Hwy

Fredericton, NB


Phone: (506) 458-8927

Monday – Friday:

6 pm – 10 pm

Dr. Douglas D. Smith

(506) 450-3321

fax (506) 450-3371

Dr. John Keddy

1015 Regent St,

Fredericton, NB E3B 6H5

(506) 458-0246


Dr. Desmond Colohan

Island Pain Management Clinic – Boardwalk Medical Centre

220 Water Street

Charlottetown, PE,

C1A 9M5

902-367-3344 (phone)

902-367-4114 (fax)


Dr Thomas Hydorn

16 Church St

PO Box 128 Stn Main

Amherst, Nova Scotia

B4H 3Y6


General Practitioner

Dr Campbell.

North End Community Health Centre

2165 Gottingen St.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


A back specialist in NS. She is well known and respected and "not yet to hear her not approve. A super compassionate lady"

Mary Lynch MD FRCPC

Pain Management Unit - Capital Health

Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre

4th Floor Dickson Building

5820 University Avenue

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1V7

Phone: 902 473 6428

Fax: 902 473 4126



Dr Kevin Jay Kanerva

Suite 421

9-3151 Lake Shore Road

Kelowna, BC

Phone: (250) 860-3456

Fax: (250) 764-1684

Dr Kevin Jay Kanerva

Preventive Medicine

3 - 1745 Spall Rd.

Kelowna BC,


V1Y 4P7


Phone (250) 212 4899

Fax (250) 764 1684

( thats the private clinic which charges $2400 for a ANY SIZE exemption

Dr Tersia Lichtenstein

1605 Gordon Dr

Kelowna , BC


(250) 763-1183

Dr Gouch

Canada Ave Clinic in Duncan, B.C.

250 597 1185

For b1. Peeps have to call in. get fax # and then fax med records in. They screen the file to verify illness then the doctor will skype the appointment for anyone in canada


Dr. Oliver

Swan Hills AB



Dr Mark Laurence Latowsky

Suite 207

3447 Kennedy Road

Scarborough ON,

M1V 3S1

(416) 332-2757

Fax #: 416-332-3747

Dr David Saul

Unit 201

80 Finch Ave. W.

Phone (416) 221 3633

Fax (416) 221 5599

Dr Geraint Lewis,

1053 Carling,


Ottawa, ON

K1Y 4E9

613-798-5555 ext. 14169

Speciality ==Anaesthesia, and Chronic Pain management.

Dr. Tsvi Gallant, G.P.

Gallant Medical Clinic

2797 Bathurst St,

North York, ON M6B 4B9


Dr. Rob Kamermans

Coe Hill, ON


Dr. Colin Kovacs, Maple Leaf Clinic

70 Carlton ST


Dr. Colin Kovacs is a primary care physician currently practicing at the Maple Leaf Medical Clinic in Toronto. Colin has been in active full time HIV/AIDS clinical care since 1994 and has been inducted to the Ontario AIDS Network Honour Roll. He has been engaged in clinical and investigator driven research since the mid-1990's with collaborations throughout Canada and abroad including such agencies as the National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Utretch. Colin has been a past OHTN Board Member and active participant of the Emerging Technologies Working Group.

Dr. John Goodhew GP/HIV Primary Care group

235 Danforth Ave, Ste. 406

Toronto, ON M4K 1N2


f. 416-463-6577

Dr Paul Andrew Williams

Hillside Family Medicine

119 Isabella Street

Campbellford, Ontario

K0L 1L0

Ph: (705) 653-1801

Fax: (705) 653-5483


Dr. Paul Williams: Benefits to legalizing marijuana: Campbellford chief of staff

TRENT HILLS - Campbellford Memorial Hospital's chief of staff is not opposed to making marijuana available for more than just medicinal purposes. "From a medical standpoint I don't have any huge objections to it being decriminalized or legalized. I think there are probably some benefits to doing that," Dr. Paul Williams said.

Dr. Williams said he has patients who use marijuana for recreation or to control pain in place of medications that don't work as well or they find disagreeable. Other patients use it to relieve stress or anxiety in small to moderate amounts on a regular basis, he said, which he likened to the consumption of alcohol. There are health risks, to be sure, especially for young people, who could experience periods of paranoia and psychosis, which is why "you'd want to try to restrict the use to those of legal age," Dr. Williams said. "Cigarettes kill far more people per year than cannabis does," he added. "You can't overdose by smoking marijuana."

There's "no medical reason" why marijuana should be illegal when tobacco and alcohol aren't, he said. Making it legal would "do more benefit in the long run," he said, by ensuring a safer product is consumed and increasing its availability for medicinal purposes. "We have lots of patients with various chronic pain conditions, who would benefit from it right now if the access was made more easily," Dr. Williams said. "It's so difficult to get a licence that they just obtain it illegally. "If it becomes more of a societal norm, I think people are more likely to use it in moderation, like they do with alcohol," Dr. Williams said. "Just as there are those who drink too much alcohol, some people undoubtedly would abuse cannabis but "there's probably a large majority who would use it more moderately and sensibly," he said, so "no, you wouldn't create a society of potheads or addicted individuals." R. Williams said prohibition didn't work with alcohol and it's not working with marijuana. "Keeping it criminalized isn't going to get rid of it," he said. Illegal drugs "are not going to disappear no matter what we do. The safer way is to regulate it, (and) make it ... more readily available to those who are going to use it regardless." Dr. Williams was born and raised in the Montreal area. He did his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in exercise physiology at Concordia University where he met his wife who was doing a Masters in Exercise Science. He studied medicine and did his Family Medicine residency in Toronto. During his residency he came to Campbellford for a two-month rotation and fell in love with the community. The combination of hospital and office practice, along with great colleagues and staff, was exactly what he was looking for in a practice. He and his wife moved to Campbellford in 2000 and they couldn’t be happier. They’re now raising two daughters here and plan on staying for a long time.

Paul is the Chief of Staff for Campbellford Memorial Hospital and a preceptor with the University of Toronto teaching practice in Campbellford.

Nayomi Lear


2401 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON


London, ON

(519) 667-6721

Gordon Arbess

410 Sherbourne Street

Toronto, ON

(416) 867-3728

Dr Donal Kilby

100 Marie Curie Pvt

Ottawa, ON K1N 1A2


Dr Donal Kilby

100 Marie Curie Pvt

Ottawa, ON K1N 1A2


Dr. Peter Blecher, M.D., C.M., DAAPM, DCAPM,

Vital CME

Director of Interventional Training for Centres for Pain Management

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