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Thread: Got this in a email today!

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    Got this in a email today!

    10. Man's dog throws out hash stash for cops

    9. Note to marijuana smugglers: Make sure your trailer tags are current

    8. Locksmiths don't check warrants or care about your marijuana...but cops do!

    7. Man fails drug test for cocaine, offers pot bribe to test taker to ignore it.

    6. Don't call 911, trust NORML: Growing pot will get you busted

    5. Dad tells cop 14-year-old stole weed from his son.

    4. Parents arrested for video of 2-year-old smoking marijuana

    3. Wandering toddler on road with bag of weed gets national coverage

    2. Rhode Island lawmaker who ripped pot smokers arrested for possession

    1. Hotel explosion exposes danger of solvent based marijuana hashish extraction

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    Red face

    I really didn't get your point...Any one understand this mail?

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    What's the point?

    Quote Originally Posted by rogerz84 View Post
    I really didn't get your point...Any one understand this mail?

    My thoughts exactly! What is the point here???

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    Cool I get it

    From what is written looks to be top ten news from around the globe on marijauna issues. I do know #6 is a tad sarcastic due to the fact that after a two (2) year investigation in Southern OR a woman of stature got busted and was an NORML or Marijuana initiative guideline for laws written or to be wrote. Check it out it's crazy as she divulged everyone that contributed to her co-op to authorities. (sold out)

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    Thanks for info
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