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Thread: Best. Night. Of. My. Life.

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    Best. Night. Of. My. Life.

    I've been smoking for a while but usually it's been in a car driving back roads with a friend.

    Well this friend has moved away for the summer and I've had no car. She also had my pipe in her car and let her stoner brother borrow it. One of his jerk-face friends decided to use it and broke it. Really. pissed. me. off.

    I decided that this wasn't going to stop me and made a simple "pipe" out of a pop can. Then I went down to the town lake and went up to the top of the swimming pool building. They have a discrete open top that it is hard to be seen from the street.

    It was the first time I have EVER connected with a pipe. Her name is Shareen and while I was planning to dump her I can't. Not sure what I'm going to do because I really want to get an Actual pipe...I'm still figuring it out.

    Anyway Shareen and I are smoking it up and I am quite high. In the best location that I can think of:

    It is up high; in the open part of a swimming pool building; it's a legal, discreet place that no one goes, but it's not weird to be; all the bugs and frogs warn you immediately if someone is coming by, while also providing the best high music; the pool reflects on the ceiling and with a lamp post right there you have plenty of light to pack a bowl safely and see a show (looks almost like a bazar lava lamp); the sprinklers and pool work perfectly together to make you think your on a beach (I'm in KS); the slight breeze keeps you cool without putting the weed in danger, but also airs you out so you don't have to worry about smell no matter how much you smoke. It is a large, airy, open space that lets you be free, but is small enough to keep you feeling safe and homey.
    PS: That lamp post, I swear it turns into the freaking portal to NeverNever Land.

    I never realized you could be in such synch with your smoking place and pipe. Everything just worked perfectly to give me the best possible high.

    Then I was able to go on a small dock on the lake and see to my right a full moon, with clear stars, that is as bright as the sun, but gentle to the eyes and a perfect, still, clear lake. To my left is a giant, bushy, elegant tree that is really very sweet and a slight, rocky bank, and the trail to the dock. It's was like my perfect high scene and all the dimensions worked perfectly to make it a perfect ride.

    Then I was able to walk back up the main road of my small town and with the music it was like I was sent back to different times and was able to feel the foot steps of every stoner in the generations before me that had walked the same streets.

    I was then able to happily come up the stairs in my apartment (They usually torture me painfully...) I found some new food in the fridge and watched Netflix till I crashed. And while it was Monday I just got switched to night shift so I was able to sleep in all day and still get hours!

    I didn't know life could be that amazing and good.

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    Sounds like a rad story man!!

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    Thumbs up Connecting with your smoking place

    My best friend and I drove to this neighborhood and went behind some houses into these mountain hill things (I have no idea if they were mountains or hills because what is a mountain? Think about that.) and we just became one with the mountain hills. There were bunnies and trees and it was just peaceful and relaxing. Climbing back up them was a bitch and tripped me out, but it's all good because after words we snacked out like nobody's business, and then toked 3 more times over the course of like 4 hours maybe. Best. Day. Ever. It was the day before my birthday too and we were going to Disneyland the next day and we toked again before Disneyland, PLUS we were still kind of high from, the day before. Hell yeah.
    p.s. we've only smoked together like 3 times, but when we do, BEST highs ever. We have so much fun and we do a shit ton of activities.

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    Eat some good food. To start the night out right, head to one of Chicago's many wonderful restaurants. There are great places all over. From Roscoe Village to the Southport Corridor to Old Town to Downtown, there are great places to eat anywhere. This is great because it means that you can eat somewhere around where you want to go out, meaning that when you are finished you can just walk to your next location saving you time and money.There are great sushi places all over which is always a good place to hit up before you go out. The food is generally pretty light and easy and their drinking options are great as a warm-up to the bar scene.

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    I would very much like to hear more from you on this subject. You must know by now your article goes to the bitty-gritty of the subject.
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    Something new

    I do know #6 is a tad sarcastic due to the fact that after a two (2) year investigation in Southern OR a woman of stature got busted and was an NORML or Marijuana initiative guideline for laws written or to be wrote. Check it out it's crazy as she divulged everyone that contributed to her co-op to authorities
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    That was dope! I had fun reading this while getting stoned..

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    Smile Yes you are right.

    I'm feeling good I'm having fun. This is the best night of my life. Girl can I be real? I just wanna feel on your booty that's not a big deal.

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