I am a Medicinal patient here in the Bay and have often seen Purple Kush/GDP/Purple Urkle sold seperately as individual strains at dispensaries and wanted to know what the Purple Kush high is like.

I have tried Purple Urkle and Grandaddy Purple and I prefer the Urkle because GDP tends to make me feel like I'm drunk or some shit, and the come down is way too tiring. Urkle is mellower to me.

But I have not tried Purple Kush and wonder if it is more stoney or less stoney than the other two strains?

I smoke only Indica's and hate weed that makes your heart rate pick up and gives you energy and not sleepy(Sativa effects)

Basically I want to know what a Purple Kush high is like as opposed to the other Purple's I've tried. Is the Purple Kush similar to the high's of Grandaddy and Urkle?

I really like GDP/Urkle but kind of dont want to try Purple Kush cause I have heard it is more sativa'ish and makes you feel less couch locked and more spacey/energetic.

Did I here wrong?

Thanks guys.